Our Vision and Mission

To be carrier’s “the automatic route” for all their international voice connectivity requirements.

To provide reliable, scalable and cost effective international destined routes.


Trusted Telecom Partner

I-Globe Telecom was founded in 2015 by well-respected Industry veterans with a combined decade of experience under the brand IGLOBE Telecom. Its mandate is to provide high-quality Long Distance routes for its Tier-1 and Tier-2 retail and wholesale telecom customers. It has over 150+ well-established business relationships in its wholesale portfolio and a global sales team spanning EMEA, AFRICA, Middle EAST and ASIA.

Why Choose us

I-Globe Telecom has evolved and has adapted to the constant change of the VOIP and SMS market by committing to its core values. We partner with diverse telecommunication companies worldwide, from Tier-1 operators to Tier-2 and dedicated niche carriers. We offer the most competitive routes and the best terms and conditions.

Why Choose Us

Trusted by the best